Stay Updated to the Success Coach, Iris Benrubi

Iris has been a keynote speaker and has delivered seminars & workshops since 1998. She has insightfully delivered her knowledge to her audience. Her ideas connect, motivate and inspire participants. Her knowledge of the creative process, her ability to be authentic and really connect with the audience makes her an outstanding speaker.

She challenges her audience to reconsider what is real & unreal, possible & impossible. With insight and intuition Iris delivers her message to the participants by teaching them  to tap into their creative energy. She identifies the steps to creating a life of magic and a life of passion. In her seminars, Iris highlights the value of courage, seizing the  moment and having fun! Her ability to connect with the mind, heart and spirit has participants tapping into their creative energy & inspires them to create the life of their dreams!


1) A life of Exquisite Decadence – learn the 3 P’s of living a life filled with Peace Passion and Play!

Many of us don’t plan our lives. We take it as it comes. Often, we are so focused on succeeding in our careers that we forget to create a plan that incorporates health, fun and balance. Then we stop and say ‘Now What?

In this workshop, Iris gives you ”The KEY” to finding your own answers. ”The KEY”
is a technique that will help you find answers to questions like “What’s my life purpose?”, “What am I passionate about?” “How do I incorporate Peace and Play in my life?”.

Iris also teaches you her ‘absolutes’– the six powerful principles on how you can move your life forward with Peace, Passion and Play! Iris helps you create a six-step plan to fill your “second life” with purpose, joy, and satisfaction, easing you from tough uninspiring years into your dream future.

A future you design filled with EXQUISITE DECADENCE!

2) A ‘How not to Just Survive course but how to Flourish and Thrive through your Separation and Divorce’.

So here you are, after being married – did everything you thought you were supposed to be doing……and voila…..you are separated or divorced…. looking around you and trying to figure out what went wrong.

After years of focusing on work, getting married, having kids, getting the material possessions you though you were “supposed to” – the house, the car, the boat, the cottage…..life is just not fulfilling anymore. The things you were focused on until now are no longer important and you are now looking for your purpose…. for some sense of Peace, Passion and Play. You want to feel alive again. Where did it all go?

Through this seminar, Iris will teach you how to tap into your own resources. How to connect with your own Passion, How to Play again and how to give up chaos and develop that sense of Peace you’ve been longing for.


As a personal success coach, Iris is determined and committed to achieve maximum potential in personal growth and self development. Her clear vision and understanding to human nature has empowered people and gave them the tools not only to survive this tough life, but to excel and reach higher levels of personal success and self satisfaction. Empowering people is a gift which Iris chooses to share with others for better being! You deserve to hire Iris as a keynote speaker or as your personal success Coach!

H. Maurice – President/Entrepreneur

Stay Updated to the Success Coach, Iris Benrubi