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Module 1:

Create a solid foundation to build your relationship so that it lasts a lifetime.


Module 2:

Uncover and transform the beliefs that are sabotaging you and holding you back  from a man who cherishes you.


Module 3:

Deepening emotional intimacy with yourself and your man.


Module 4:

Becoming irresistible to men (nothing to do with sex or your physical body).


Module 5:

Change your TYPE to now attract and pick an emotionally available man.


Module 6:

Design a dating roadmap so that you’re only going out with men who can make you happy.


Module 7:

Create an emotional connection to move from dating to a committed relationship, and learn the questions to ask a man your dating to assess his ability to make you happy.


Module 8:

Dating ease – learning who and when to trust a man and what signs to look for.


” Still pinching myself …

And I have Forever Love Coaching to thank.  I was very deligent in all my assignments. It was like taking a psychology course, so many intersting things to learn. It’s been a wonderful journey of self discovery and I’m very very thankful! “


” I’ve found the man of my dreams …

In the beginning it was very daunting. I wasn’t sure I have the skills and I lacked a lot of self confidence in meeting a man. I applied everything that I was learning and I was encouraged not to give up to keep trying and I finally met the one! “



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