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DAY 1 – October 15th 2018

Maria Sirois, Psy.D.

When the Heart is Bruised: Opening
Up Anyway

DAY 2 – October 16th 2018

Terry Real

How to Screen Dates and Create Loving Relationships

DAY 3 – October 17th 2018

Jaci Hull

How Somatic Awareness Helps Us Become
Trustworthy in Relationship

DAY 4 – October 18th 2018

Dr. Lise Janelle

Is There Really A Soulmate Out
There For You?

DAY 5 – October 19th 2018

Riana Milne, Life & Love Coach

Why 9 out of 10 Women Struggle
in Life & Love

DAY 6 – October 20th 2018

Dr. Erica Goodstone

Is There Really A Soulmate Out
There For You?

DAY 7 – October 21st 2018

Sandy Weiner

How to Stop Dating Emotionally
Unavailable Men

DAY 8 – October 22nd 2018

Lisa Concepcion

Why We Attract the Same (and Wrong)
People and What to Do About It NOW

DAY 9 – October 23rd 2018

Cheryl Besner

Dance of Love and Communication

DAY 10 – October 24th 2018

Georgia Shaffer

Taking Out Your Emotional Trash

DAY 11 – October 25th 2018

Svava Brooks

Journey to the Heart

DAY 12 – October 26th 2018

Lillian Benrubi

Powerful Relationship to Self/Powerful Relationships to Others

DAY 13 – October 27th 2018

Dr. Patti Britton

The Intersection of Love and Sex

DAY 14 – October 28th 2018

Marina Nemat

Life After Trauma From the Author of the
Prisoner of Tehran

DAY 15 – October 29th 2018

Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil

Love and Relationships, Mistakes, How to’s and Tips

DAY 16 – October 30th 2018

Dr. Ray Doktor

Tapping into the “STATE” of Love to Attract the Man
Who Already Exists for YOU

DAY 17 – October 31st 2018

Chelli Pumphrey, MA, LPC
– The Love Strategist

Empowered Dating: How To Use Attachment To Find Love

DAY 18 – November 1st 2018

Dr. Paulette Sherman

Dating Success: How Career Women Can Love Themselves
into the Relationship of Their Dreams

DAY 19 – November 2nd 2018

Dr. Jeanine Staples

Heal For Real: How To Breakthrough Your
Barriers In Love and Life

DAY 20 – November 3rd 2018

Lion Goodman, PCC

Clear the Beliefs that Block Your Relationships

DAY 21 – November 4th 2018

Dr. Debra Mandel-The Love Warrior

Strengthening Love

DAY 22 – November 5th 2018

Ilene Dillon, MSW

Fear-Less Loving

DAY 23 – November 6th 2018

Lori Ann Davis

Breaking Through Barriers to Finding
Lasting Love

DAY 24 – November 7th 2018

Wendy Newman

3 Secrets to Finding Your Love: Lessons Learned
on 121 First Dates

DAY 25 – November 8th 2018

Carmen Harra

The 10 Elements of a Soul Mate

DAY 26 – November 9th 2018

Sheryl Spangler

10 Tips to Online Dating Success

DAY 27 – November 10th 2018

Kim Seltzer

How To Attract A Man With A Sexy Image

DAY 28 – November 11th 2018

Kate Crow

Remember, You Are Buying, Not Selling

DAY 29 – November 12th 2018

Dr. Renee Michelle Gordon

DAY 30 – November 13th 2018

Ken Page, LCSW

Fear of Intimacy: How to Understand and Transform It

DAY 31 – November 14th 2018

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