Kate Crow

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A 30 minute Empowerment Session – Do you need help getting clear in an area of your life?  Do you want to stop casting around?  Happiness does not depend on life going a certain way.  Happiness, love, clarity and solutions are all powered up from within.  Let’s set up a time to talk.  Now is the time to claim your power.

Kate Crow has guided people through personal transitions for over 20 years. A Life Coach for more a decade, and former Handel Group Senior Coach and workshop leader, Kate has coached hundreds of individuals worldwide and designed and led life-transforming workshops throughout the United States—including events at the Esalen Institute and Kripalu Center.

Kate’s firm hand-holding, compassion and experience enables her clients to discover and illuminate the themes and patterns in their lives so that they can profoundly change their lives in concrete, manageable, lasting ways.

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