Dr. Jeanine Staples
Heal For Real: How To Breakthrough Your Barriers In Love and Life
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The Breakthrough Your Barriers Summit – In this comprehensive, power-packed interview series, you’ll hear from 30 of the world’s most sought-after coaches, gurus, scholars, and healers. We reveal the step-by-step you need to methods, strategies, and techniques you need to re-generate power, passion, and purpose (even in the midst of heartache, setbacks, disappointments, and grief). You’ll learn exactly what the most successful people in life and love know about breakdowns and breakthroughs so that you can: Re-claim lost time, Re-establish clear identity, Revive zapped energy, Re-create new confidence and draft a Power Plan for moving forward, Realize exceptional peace no matter what’s going on around you.

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“I’m Ready To Change My Life NOW!” Coaching Session with a Supreme Love Coach – In this one-on-one, 30-minute call, you’ll: Get you focused and clear on what you need to do heal at the deepest levels so you can live at the highest levels. Work through a plan of action that you can implement immediately to loosen the grip you’ve got on your past, create beliefs that inspire and authenticate you, and spark behaviors that make you proud instead of anxious, disappointed, dissatisfied, and discouraged.
Jeanine Staples is the Founder of the Supreme Love Project, impacting nearly 1 million women in 18 different countries.

She teaches women why they hurt, so they can heal, and let the highest version of themselves happen in life and love.

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