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Fear-Less Loving

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99 Tips for Mastering Fear – Downloadable Book: Our modern world is riddled with fear. This is not good, because fear tends to build upon itself—fear begets more fear. Especially since 9/11, we humans have been given an unprecedented opportunity to become aware of the extent of the fear we allow in our lives, and to come to mastery over it. This book offers 99 simple, effective ways to come to mastery over fear. This is good! Whether you like to move around, meditate, or experience small victories during your day, there are tips here for you to use
your own style in mastering fear.

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A Short Course on Mastering Fear in Relationships3-Session Online Course and Coaching to help you understand, work with, and master fear in your life, particularly as it affects your relationships.  Begins Tuesday, October 16  Value of $350; Cost $150.

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Ilene Dillon has been helping people develop and live the life they want to live for more than 50 years. With a combination of professional psychological knowledge, spiritual principle, experience and developed wisdom, Ilene shows people how to change themselves inside, an action that changes everything else for the better and for the long term.

Love yourself, and others love you. Change yourself, and others transform, too. Ilene’s expertise focuses on Ending Co-Dependence, Mastery over Emotions, Living Your Life Purpose, Empowerment, Love for Self and Others, and Parenting Consciously.

She is author of the forthcoming book, “Emotions in Motion”

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