Dr. Erica Goodstone
Healing Through Love
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Love Me Please Video – In this first video presentation, Dr. Erica takes us back to the origin of love in our lives.  We are reminded that our spirit is pure love.  We are taught that our psychological makeup has been shaped and affected by our early upbringing and experiences.  We are given the prescription for creating successful intimate relationships.  And then we are encouraged to seek love because it is available and possible for every one of us
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Healing Through Love Audio Series – This is a powerful mp3 audio series teaching how to heal your relationship with yourself, with others, with your past and with your future
Dr. Erica Goodstone, Healing Through Love Mentor and Relationship Healer, helps men and women, individuals and couples, gay and heterosexual, heal their bodies and their relationships through Love.

Dr. Erica helps her clients create and reawaken their love, sexual passion, and intimate connection.  She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Marriage Therapist, Board Certified Sex Therapist, Somatic Body Psychotherapist, and Personal/Life and Health/Wellness Coach.

Her Healing Through Love audios, Love Touch Heal videos and books, 30 Love Lessons and her virtual summits will change the way you view love and relationships – forever.

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